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Tips for Consultation Confidence


Planning to have cosmetic surgery is a major decision, and there are many things you need to consider. You may have doubts about exactly what procedure you want, and finding the best doctor for a given procedure is extremely important. You will also have considerations such as what to do after the surgery in terms of how much time you may need to take off work for healing.

Most of the above questions, and many others, are answered when you have a consultation appointment with a doctor. It is important to go into this appointment with your eyes open in terms of your expectations and what you need to know to make the decision that is right for you. The following points are some things you may wish to consider to build your confidence before consulting with a doctor.


#1. Visit Credible Websites to Do Your Research on Plastic Surgery

The first step before any fairly large financial or health-related undertaking is to do your research on the subject. Before buying a car, most people will check various sources to scrutinize models they are considering for reliability and a number of other factors. Given that the choice of a cosmetic procedure and surgeon can affect your entire future, this decision merits even deeper investigation. The following websites are excellent sources for information on this topic:


#2. Plan on Having to Pay for Your Consultation Appointment

Cosmetic surgeons spend years in medical school learning their skill, and they paid a lot to get this knowledge. Expect to have to compensate them for their time and expertise in answering your questions. Having a consulting fee is one way doctors know they are scheduling an appointment with someone who is serious about getting cosmetic surgery.


#3. Write Down Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

This will do wonders to boost your confidence. You will have the benefit of the research you did in step one to come up with a number of good questions to ask that may affect what procedure you end up getting or, in the case of consulting with multiple doctors, which plastic surgeon you end up choosing.


#4. Two Heads Are Better Than One, so Bring a Loved One With You

There may be those near and dear to you who are concerned about this procedure you are considering and may want to go with you. They may have questions you never thought of, and their presence will help you feel more relaxed.


#5. Find Out if You Will Require Financing Options

If you need financing, you should be able to apply for it before the consultation. This may be preferable if you wish to have your surgery quickly since the funding will not be an obstacle. Knowing how much you’ve been approved for will also help the doctor know what procedures he can realistically recommend.


#6. Be Completely Honest

When a doctor is consulting with a patient, they can only make recommendations based on what they are told by the patient. This is why it is incumbent upon you to be honest about your expectations, medical history, and anything else the doctor asks you about, so you can get an accurate assessment of your options.

The office of Dr. Mark Peters is located in Houma, which is just outside New Orleans. We hope the above tips give you the confidence you need when consulting with a plastic surgeon. Please contact us, so we can reserve your spot for a consultation today!

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