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Reshaping Bodies

Body reshaping after massive weight loss


The celebration of significant weight loss is often short lived, as those who have worked so hard to achieve their ideal weight come to a difficult realization: Bariatric surgery and losing weight alone cannot lead to the body they envisioned. Excess skin can be almost as deforming as excess weight. Understanding the unique aspects of body contouring or body reshaping following massive weight loss is a specialized focus of Dr. Mark Peters.

The phenomenon of massive weight loss is a relatively new development being addressed by the medical community. While some are able to lose weight on their own, others choose weight loss surgery. Bariatric Surgery and Gastric bypass surgery are growing in popularity. In fact, candidates for reconstructive surgery numbered 67,000 in 2002 vs. 250,000 in 2006. As a result of these treatments for morbid obesity, body contouring after massive weight loss has become a focus of the plastic surgery community.

An introduction to the surgical options available

The purpose of our post bariatric/massive weight loss body reshaping website is to provide an introduction to the various surgical options available to patients following massive weight reductions. Body contouring procedures on post bariatric patients differ from those performed on normal weight people. Since skin laxity cannot keep up with weight loss, the skin’s elasticity is permanently damaged.

Innovations in plastic surgery procedures, treatment options, expectation management and your safety must all be carefully considered.
During a body reshaping consultation our patients can learn about the risks, benefits, and alternative methods of care. It is as much a physical exam as an aesthetic evaluation. Plastic surgery body contouring solutions are necessarily highly individualized. An office consultation is the best way to learn about the options available to you. If you want to explore in greater detail the risks, benefits and alternatives, or decide if surgery is even an option—be sure you are visiting with a plastic surgeon that specializes in these procedures.

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