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Cosmetic Surgery New Orleans

Going Beyond Diet and Exercise to Restore Confidence in Your Appearance

You may exercise regularly and follow a good diet, but there might still be aspects of your appearance that these things alone cannot handle. If you feel the need to go beyond what you can accomplish yourself in restoring or achieving facial or body contouring that you desire, you will need a plastic surgeon in Louisiana. 

Cosmetic procedures are a serious matter. With your appearance and health at stake, you need to be thorough in knowing what to look for when seeking cosmetic surgery near New Orleans. At the cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Mark Peters, we have the knowledge, experience and passionate drive to help you get the results you desire. Based in Houma, Louisiana, we are also convenient to you if you’re in Jefferson, Metairie, Mandeville, Thibodaux or New Orleans. Regardless of whether you need fat transfer, liposuction, a facelift or necklift, rhinoplasty, a tummy tuck or any other procedure, we offer the cutting-edge technology and breadth of cosmetic procedures to fulfill any realistic facial or body contouring results you seek. 


Partial List of Cosmetic Procedures Near New Orleans

Bodytite This new technology will give you surgical results in a single trip to our office to transform your face or body without the scars of surgery.

Rhinoplasty Commonly called a “nose job,” this plastic surgery procedure can reduce or reshape your nose to your satisfaction.

Breast Augmentation This is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure and is used to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. 

Liposuction This is used to remove localized fatty deposits. There are different methods of liposuction, and we are experienced at all of them. 

Facelift/Necklift If your face or neck has loose or saggy skin that is making you look older than you feel, turn back the clock with this procedure. 

Mommy Makeover If you want to look more like you did before you went through pregnancy, the mommy makeover can utilize a variety of procedures to restore your appearance. 

Tummy Tuck Most often used to get rid of those last few pounds of fat that are resistant to diet or exercise, this procedure is most common among 35 to 55 year old women. 

Arm Lift Few things can make you look older than loose or saggy skin hanging down from your arms, but this procedure restores a youthful appearance to your arms. 


A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Near New Orleans

You may benefit from any one or more of the services listed above or possibly some that are not listed. At the cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Mark Peters, we start with a free consultation. At this appointment, we go over what you are looking to achieve, your budget and what we feel we can do to get you to your desired results. This is a free consultation, so please don’t hesitate to call and set up an appointment. 

When you’re searching for cosmetic surgery near New Orleans, you should know that our plastic surgery practice works to stay at the cutting-edge of cosmetic surgery techniques, procedures and practices. From fat transfer and the revolutionary new Bodytite procedure to a myriad of other options, we offer the latest in effective facial and body contouring that excels at delivering maximum results for minimal scarring and recovery time. At our practice, you will know you are in the capable hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon in Louisiana who has been practicing for over 20 years and has performed over 10,000 procedures, so please call today, so we can schedule your consultation.

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