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Lower Body Lift Procedure

Average Cost $10,800 – $14,300+
Return to Daily Activities 2-6 weeks
Return to Work 2-3 weeks
Procedure Length 1-6 hours
Procedure Location Physicians Medical Center

The lower body lift may incorporate several body areas including the inner thigh lift, buttock lift, outer thigh lift, and abdominoplasty. For this discussion, I will focus on the thighs and buttock.

The inner thigh lift is the removal of excess skin and liposuction of the inner thigh to produce a smoother contour. The effect of the lift extends to the mid thigh level with less noticeable effect at the knees. The resultant scar begins in the groin area then into crease below the buttock. For most patients, this scar is well hidden. For patients who have had a large amount of weight loss, the scar may need to be extended. In these cases the scar may need to be extended down the leg as well in order to remove the tremendous amount of excess skin. With this lift, the most common problem is wound healing problems. With its location, it is rare that any revision ispic31 requested. Patients having this surgery alone can expect it to take 10-14 days before they can easily perform the activities of daily living.

The outer thigh lift and buttock lift are actually incorporated in to the same surgical procedure. Simply put, this is a “reverse” abdominoplasty. The incision from the abdominoplasty, which is often performed at the same time, is extended circumferentially across the lower back area. This allows the excess skin to be removed and the skin to be pulled upward to produce a smoother contour. There are usually drains placed for this procedure and may remain in place 7-10 days. Patients can expect 14-21 days to return to activities of daily living. I will usually require that patients remain in the hospital overnight.

The results from these procedures can be dramatic. The recovery process is long and may have minor complications; the most common is probably wound healing problems. Revisions are common, but are usually minor in nature.

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