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Five Signs a Breast Reduction is for You

While breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States, some women find that their breasts are too large and that this can cause them problems. If you find that you are in this situation, you may actually be a candidate for a breast reduction. At the office of Dr. Mark Peters, MD, we do many different types of cosmetic surgery procedures and have an impressive number of satisfied patients. We want you to know that there are various signs that this particular type of cosmetic surgery may be advisable for you.

Neck & Back PainYou Experience Neck and Back Pain

This is probably the leading reason that women get a breast reduction. When your breasts are too large, they can place a lot of stress on your neck and especially your back. You may try various things to deal with any discomfort from this cause, but if pain still persists, you may want to consider this procedure as an ideal long-term solution.

They May Be Giving You Bad Posture

We have all been lectured about how we should have good posture when we sit or stand. Bad posture has been associated with health problems and even psychological issues. You just don’t feel as confident if you’re generally walking around in a manner where you’re slumped forward. This sign that you may need a breast reduction also relates to the first reason. Having bad posture for a long time most likely will result in neck and back pain.


Clothes Shopping Becomes an Ordeal

As mentioned above regarding the difficulty with exercise, it can be hard to find sports wear that fits you if you have very large breasts. That said, this issue can make clothes shopping in general more of a problem. If you are currently very well endowed, you’ve probably already run into the situation of finding the perfect looking top but then realizing it’s too tight when you actually try it on. Women with the opposite problem may find they don’t fill out a top as much as they’d like to. You will find that your clothing options greatly expand after a breast reduction or breast augmentation procedure, depending on which one you need.


Exercise and Physical Activity, in General, Is Difficult

Large breasts can make physical activity more burdensome for you. Simply walking around and cleaning up the house and bending over to pick up things is more of an exertion for you because of the added weight. Actually trying to work out at a gym is especially difficult because sports bras and other athletic tops are rarely made above a certain size. You will also become tired out far more quickly from exercise before you may have had the chance to work whatever muscle groups you’re trying to get in shape.  Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy exercising again like the woman on the right?

You May Feel Self-Conscious and Are Attracting Unwanted Attention

You want to be perceived in totality by others for the good person you are overall, but having overly large breasts can make this the only thing people notice and the last thing they remember about you. This may make you self-conscious since we are all generally concerned about what others think about us and how we are seen. 

Unwanted attention can be another part of this. Many women like getting attention. In fact this may be one large catalyst for some getting breast augmentation. That said, continuous cat calls every time you pass by a construction site or other testosterone laden location can get old quickly.


Trust Louisiana’s Best Plastic Surgeon

At the cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Mark Peters, MD, we will do an initial consultation with you to determine if a reduction in your breast size is something you should really pursue as well as discuss any other goals or desires you may have relative to plastic surgery.  Having been in practice for 20 years and completed over 10,000 plastic surgery procedures for satisfied clients, our leading plastic surgeon and friendly staff can help you meet your cosmetic goals, so you can live a more comfortable and confident life. Please contact us today, so we can schedule your consultation.

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