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Dermabrasion Procedure


Average Cost $3,850+
Return to Daily Activities 2-7 days
Return to Work 2-7 days
Procedure Length 1-2 hours
Procedure Location Physicians Medical Center


Dermabrasion is a method of smoothing the skin when there are fine wrinkles or elevated scars. The best results with this procedure are those patients with shallow scars as a result of acne or fine lines around the mouth. The procedure uses a specialized tool which turns at high speed to remove the outer layers of skin. This allows the elevated scar or the depth of the wrinkle to be “sanded down” to the level of the surrounding skin.pic11

With the proper equipment, this can be safely performed in the office. It is commonly performed in conjunction with other procedures such as facelifts. The recovery is based on the time it takes the skin to grow, which is usually about 10 days. At that time, the patient may apply make-up to cover the reddened area. The treated skin will remain red to pink for several months. The most important aspect following the treatment is to avoid sun exposure

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