Breast Lift



Average Cost$7,100-$9,000+
Average Cost With Implants$8,700-$10,000+
Return To Daily Activity6 Weeks
Return To Work2-3 Weeks
Average Procedure Time2-4 Hours

The mastopexy, or breast lift, is a procedure designed to re-establish the proper relationships between the nipple and the inframammary fold. The process includes reshaping the breast tissue, then tailoring the skin around it. A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure by restoring the lift and shape that is often lost as gravity takes its toll. There are a variety of approaches to correct the sagging of the breasts (ptosis). With that said, there is no perfect solution. Since the skin is usually already damaged having been stretched, the most common problems are recurrence of the sagging and wound healing complications.


The minimal incision required to correct breast ptosis goes around the edge of the areola. Depending on the amount of sag and the quality of the skin, the incision may need to be extended vertically to the inframammary fold. Occasionally, there is an additional scar extending along the inframammary fold. Each design is intended to provide a strong internal support then remove the excess skin so that the skin can be shaped around it. The scar is often a concern of the patient. I make certain the patient is aware of the scar/incisions that are to be used. These scars usually heal without problems, but can widen or become hypertrophic.


After it has been determined that a lift is needed, the question of breast volume is then addressed. When the patient feels that there is insufficient volume or would like more volume than they have, an implant can be placed. The addition of an implant can increase the difficulty of the procedure and add potential complications. Some complications are directly related to the implant such as capsular contracture or deflation. Other complications are the result of the inherent difficulty of the procedure such as recurrence of breast sagging and asymmetry.


The question of how long the results last is difficult. I would say that the addition of breast implants to the procedure decrease the longevity of the result. I do place permanent sutures on the inside of the breast in an attempt to extend the results. If the size or shape becomes undesirable, it may be recommended to have a revision surgery at some point. Revision surgery following mastopexy is relatively common. The majority of these revisions would be considered “minor” surgery and are done in the office setting. Occasionally, however, the revision may require a return to the operating room.


Patients can expect to be out of work for at least one week. A postoperative support bra will be mandatory for at least 6 weeks. Usually, patients may resume exercise at 3-4 weeks following the procedure.


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