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Chin Implant Procedure


Average Cost $2,725 – $4,575+
Return to Daily Activities 2-4 weeks
Return to Work 4-7 days
Procedure Length 1-2 hours
Procedure Location Physicians Medical Center


Chin augmentation is a method of increasing the length and possibly width of the chin via a chin implant. This may be done by either cutting the bone of the chin or by using chin implants. Chin implants are specifically shaped prostheses placed at the chin in order to provide pic15augmentation to the tissue. The primary result is to provide a better balance to the face. It is frequently done in conjunction with the rhinoplasty. These can be placed through an incision in the mouth or beneath the chin. The intraoral incision, of course, avoids a visible scar, but may carry an increased risk of infection due it being passed through the mouth.

There is typically some soreness with this surgery, but is not significant. Bruising and swelling are usually found in the first week following the operation. Sometimes patients will notice an asymmetric smile but this resolves once the muscle has healed properly.

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