Although Summer just ended, for many of us, this means anxious waiting until next year!  You may find yourself being a little reluctant to don that bikini to hit the beach if you’re not in the shape you once were. Perhaps you’ve had a pregnancy or two and that baby weight is proving stubborn. Maybe the sedentary lifestyle that afflicts so many of us has been gradually catching up to you and your waistline.

Whatever your situation, if you find yourself needing to look better to have the confidence to enjoy the beach, there is hope. If dieting just hasn’t gotten those last few pounds off, then you might consider searching for plastic surgeons in Louisiana. There are a number of procedures that can address different issues that may be keeping you from fully enjoying your life.


With over 300,000 of these procedures carried out each year in the United States, this is the most popular cosmetic procedure. In this procedure, excess fat is sucked out from under the skin through the insertion of a hollow instrument connected to a high-pressure vacuum. Lipoplasty has been advancing over the years with new techniques being developed. One of these is ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty.

Lipoplasty can be used to contour many parts of the body including the abdomen, thighs, back, chin, love handles, arms, and breasts. Please remember that this is an operation and is not a substitute for diet and exercise. However, sometimes those things are not enough to get us in the shape we would like. Lipoplasty is another tool in your arsenal to look and feel your best.


The inner thigh is a spot where plenty of excess fat can accumulate. This is particularly true for women. Inner thigh lifts can help with this situation. This problem is especially likely for people who have experienced a massive weight loss as this can also cause excess skin in this area. This procedure is sometimes done in tandem with liposuction in order to tighten up the skin and remove excess fat beneath it. This area is frequently the last to benefit from diet or exercise, which may make this procedure your best bet to handle this sore spot in your appearance.


One of the more unpleasant realities of growing older is the fact that many of us experience hair loss where we’d like it to keep growing such as the top of our heads. The flip side of this coin is, of course, that we start getting hair in places we don’t want it. It can be anywhere from difficult to impossible to shave the excess hair we get in various places around our bodies.

This situation is where laser hair removal comes to the rescue. After a few treatments, you will have much less unwanted hair. While no treatment is permanent, any new growth can be handled with additional treatments every six to 12 months.


This procedure is sometimes used in conjunction with lipoplasty depending on a particular patient’s specific needs. In the case of sudden weight loss after dieting or following a pregnancy, the skin can become stretched, and this can cause unsightly excess flaps of skin. While lipoplasty removes fat underneath the skin, a tummy tuck actually addresses the skin itself by tightening it, so you have a restoration of the problem area to a more youthful shape and appearance.

The Expertise You Deserve to Ensure the Best Results
When searching for plastic surgery Houma residents, and those of the surrounding area, will be glad to know they have an excellent option available within easy reach. Dr. Mark Peters is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing in this field for over 20 years.

With over 10,000 cosmetic surgery procedures performed, he has more than ample expertise in all of the solutions mentioned above to the various reasons you may not be confident enough to put on that bikini. Dr. Peters has the latest equipment and technology to make any procedure you wish to undertake as quick and painless as possible.

He offers the most advanced form of lipoplasty available today with his ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty technique. This means an easier experience for you with better contouring ability, less bleeding and better results in some parts of the body. His experience at thigh lifts and tummy tucks is unparalleled. After undergoing any procedures recommended by Dr. Peters, you will have the confidence to hit the beach in style.

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