You want your wedding day to be the most special day of your life. Toward this end, you make sure that everything is arranged to perfection. Where the ceremony will take place, who will cater it, hiring the photographers, picking out the invitations are all just a few of the considerations swimming around in your head. The one thing that trumps all of this, though, is being sure that you look your best when the big day arrives. Part of this has to do with wedding dress selection, but the rest involves anything you can do to personally make yourself look as good as possible.

In this day of social media, you know pictures of you and the groom will be circulating around the internet forever afterword. Most women schedule their wedding many months in advance, so they have time to diet to fit into the dress of their dreams. You may be thinking about taking it a step further and going under the knife before the big day.


Plastic surgery is not just for celebrities anymore. These types of procedures have been coming down in price over the past decade, and more regular people are taking advantage of advances in this field to look their best. The biggest benefit of cosmetic surgery is that the improvements you experience will last way beyond this big day and make you look and feel better for years to come.

The next question is what type of procedure to get. This will depend on your particular situation and what areas you may think could use some work. Breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries are a couple common ones and, aside from facelifts, are probably the two biggest procedures people think of when plastic surgery is mentioned. A tummy tuck, possibly combined with a little liposuction, is another option to help ensure you fit in that ideal dress.

Of course, as a bride, your long, flowing dress will be covering a lot of bodily flaws, so procedures having to do with the face area are popular before this big day. A rhinoplasty would be an example of such a surgery for those who feel their nose could use a little work. The other potential worry about getting this type of work done is where to go and choosing the right doctor to do it.


Luckily for women located near Houma, Louisiana, Dr. Mark Peters is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 10,000 procedures to his credit in his more than 20 years in practice. Our practice handles consultations on a regular basis. Women come for various types of work for many different reasons. If you wish to see what we can do for you to help you on your special day, contact our office for your own consultation, so Dr. Peters can help to make you the most beautiful bride you can be.

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