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Mommy Makeover: Putting the “Hot” Back in Momma!

Young mother and daughter playing in a parkA woman makes a lot of sacrifices when she becomes a mother – beyond the time she typically dedicates to her children. Among the many sacrifices is the toll it takes on her physical appearance. Pregnancy stretches the skin and muscles in the abdominal area. The breasts enlarge…temporarily at least. It is not unusual for pregnancy to reveal more than just a newborn. Pregnancy alters a woman’s physical appearance, which often negatively affects her self-esteem. There are, however, a few plastic surgery procedures that can improve  a woman’s appearance so she can feel her best.

Have you heard of a “Mommy Makeover?” Dr. Mark Peters performs a combination of plastic surgery procedures to address these common areas of concern following pregnancy. Procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction can address the individual needs of each patient in order to attain her aesthetic goals.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Breast augmentation involves the placement of saline or silicone implants to achieve more volume and improve the shape of the breasts. Dr. Peters offers a variety of options for this procedure, and he will help you decide which are best suited to achieve your goals.

The breast lift procedure is designed to re-establish the proper relationship between the nipple or breast tissue and the fold at the bottom of the breast, which is referred to as the inframammary fold. Essentially, the breast lift procedure can shape the breasts to restore a more youthful appearance by correcting sagging skin and breast tissue (known as ptosis). Depending on the patient’s goals and individual situation, a breast lift can also be combined with a breast augmentation.

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

In addition to the loss of breast volume and sagging breast tissue, pregnancy usually results in significant changes in the abdominal area; loose, excess skin or loss of muscle tone are the most common concerns. Patients may decide to undergo tummy tuck surgery to correct and improve the abdominal contours by removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. Mothers can expect to achieve an overall rejuvenated appearance by reshaping the umbilicus to a more vertical orientation, re-establishing a smooth waistline, and improving the pubic area contour.

In order to provide the best possible contours, liposuction may be required as part of the procedure. Liposuction involves the removal of fat deposits in order to define the natural curves of the torso.

The “Mommy Makeover” provides mothers the opportunity to gain back their confidence…to put the “hot” back in momma! Studies have shown that women projecting a positive self-image not only improve interactions with their spouse, but also with their children, friends, fellow employees, and even people they meet in everyday life.

Find out how a “Mommy Makeover” can help you achieve your goals. To learn more, please schedule a consultation by calling board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Peters at (985) 227-4325 or by filling out our online contact form.

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