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Mommy Makeovers – Can you really get your body back?

As a mom, you understand that sacrifice comes with the territory. However, having children does not have to cost you your appearance. Pregnancy and breast feeding can take their toll on a woman’s body leaving residual skin and fat around the tummy, sagging breasts and stretch marks. Can you really get your body back? The answer is a resounding “yes!” The Mommy Makeover is one of the most satisfying and safe combination procedures for women who want their pre-pregnancy figures restored—or improved. It involves a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast enhancement and stretch mark removal. Some patients need only one of these procedures…others need a combination to achieve the look they desire. Dr. Peters will discuss all your options during your consultation. Pregnancy significantly changes a woman’s body. The beauty of a “mommy makeover” is not only in the final results. Certainly, patients find that they look and feel better regaining newfound confidence in their appearance. But the best part is the consolidated healing and recovery. Perfect for busy moms. And the results are remarkable. The only evidence you were ever pregnant will be in the car seat.

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